System tray menu tuning & Xwin0.log in mintty console with startx

Marco Atzeri
Thu Jul 14 10:09:00 GMT 2016

On 14/07/2016 10:01, pigreco erre wrote:
> Dear all,
> I see the address in Cygwin suggest notes
> Since I have some little question with my Cygwin in USB porting, I think that you can drive me if there are a solution.
> I use cygwin with Emacs,Vim,Gcc & R on my university exams so I am testing Cyg in USB stick.
> I would to change some parameter on lauch items in system tray menu.
> Could you suggest me where I can tune the run-parameters for example to adjust "Open XServer" lauch option(inserted in system tray menu) or change the item "Beenden" on "Cyg-exit"? (if these are permitted)

Can you please redefine the question ?
Not clear to me what you are looking for.

> The second question concern the start X server.
> When I launch it with starx script within  mintty console,
> It appears on the screen the information that the server writes into the log file Xwin.0.log
> Why when I launch the same server with startxwin it doesn't happen?

It happens.
The log is always written, you just don't see the echo.

> How can I  made to avoid this strange behaviour?
> Excuse me if I am disturbing you and I thank you again in advance if you try to help me with your best solution.
> With my best regards
> Alessandro


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