Mintty 2.4.0 and Deja Vu Sans Mono 2.35: issue with bold

Thomas Wolff
Wed Jul 13 19:30:00 GMT 2016

Am 13.07.2016 um 07:56 schrieb Thomas Wolff:
> Am 12.07.2016 um 22:35 schrieb Michael Enright:
>> On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Thomas Wolff wrote:
>>> Mintty generates "faux-bold" by overstriking with a pixel offset of 
>>> 1. Maybe
>>> it should scale the thickness with the font size (like it does now for
>>> manual underline and VT100 line drawing graphics), at increased risk of
>>> clipping, however.
>>> Suggestions welcome.
>>> Thomas
>> I assume you have already tried quite a few suggestions. Did you try
>> digitally inflating the bitmap image of the normal weight characters?
> No; apart from how to find a suitable algorithm, this would bypass the
> system font rendering, including smoothing/Cleartype, so likely not have
> good results.
>> Did you try using the metrics from the normal weight while rendering
>> with the bold weight?
> The bold font is requested to be created with the same metrics ...
Actually, it isn't. Found the root cause.

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