How to build Emacs in Cygwin environment?

Andy Moreton
Tue Jul 12 09:17:00 GMT 2016

On Tue 12 Jul 2016, Xi Shen wrote:

> Thanks it worked. After configure --with-w32 and build, I tried to
> invoke (w32notify-add-watch), but it seems it is still not available.
> Any other tricks to apply? Because I want to add a new build-in lisp
> function for Emacs for Windows, so I think it would be a good start by
> learning how (w32notify-add-watch) works.

Join the FSF emacs developers list and ask questions there for issues
around emacs development.

AFAIK w32notify-add-watch is for native Win32 builds of emacs, and is
not appropriate for Cygwin builds.


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