Setup of texlive-collection-basic waits in postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash

Pavel Kudrna
Thu Jul 7 12:00:00 GMT 2016

Hi all,
sorry for late response.

I found the solution doing following steps:

1. I removed /etc/postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash so setup of 
unaffected packages (i.e. other than texlive-*) did not stall anymore.

2. I unchecked the "Hide obsolete packages" checkbox in Cygwin Setup and 
uninstalled all the packages I had in the "_obsolete" category.

3. I also looked over the Full View of packages and removed all the 
packages which had question mark in the column Size.

After that both texlive and texlive-collection-basic packages became 
installable and reinstallable, i.e. all the /etc/postinstall and 
/etc/preremove scripts including namely the 
/etc/postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash run without problems.

Maybe the maintenance like 2. and 3. is already recommended somewhere 
and doing that regularly would prevent my problem.

Thank you for help.

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