Anecdotal: Rebase and Visual Studio 2015 and /etc

Tue Jul 5 12:12:00 GMT 2016

Karl Botts>> I use Cygwin32 on Windows-64.

Warren Young> Then you’re artificially making rebase’s job harder.
> The list of 32-bit-only Cygwin packages is tiny these days, and you’ve
> rebuilt your Cygwin environment. With my new find-cyg-roots script, you
> rebuild your current 32-bit environment under Cygwin 64 quickly. 
> That should prevent the reoccurrence of the rebase problem.

Your recommendation makes total sense.  I will do it soon: not today, but

I am just a little nervous.  I have been using 32-bit Cygwin for at least 15
years, and being without it throws me into a tizzy.  (I barely know how to use
WindowsExplorer.)  Are there any gotchas I should know about?

Please keep us up to date with your valuable scripting efforts.  I have
checked your script, emails and the followups into revision control, for my
own purposes.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Maybe eventually we can get
your work up on the Cygwin web site?

Karl Botts,

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