Autorebase hangs on install

Achim Gratz
Tue Jul 5 05:51:00 GMT 2016

Jack Bartley writes:
> For the first time, I tried installing the 64-bit Cygwin on my Windows
> 7 machine using the setup-x86_64.exe. Once I reach
> '/etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash' the installation gets stuck.
> I haven't waited at this stage for more than a few hours but I have
> not got past it.

The longest I have personally witnessed was a little over one hour, so
that would indicate you have some BLODA interfering with the rebasing.
More specifically I suspect some real-time virus scanner in which case
you should create an exception for the Cygwin installation directory or
temporarily disable that function.

> The other entry I found to be similar is entitled "setup -
> 0p_000_autorebase.dash hangs" found
> at Following a
> mention of this in this conversation I ended bash processes whilst
> running the setup and found that this enabled me to pass the
> Autorebase stage.

There isn't any bash process running when autorebase is happening.  I'm
going to assume you meant dash for the moment.

> However, the setup then would just hang at a later
> stages.

Yes, just randomly killing postinstall steps isn't going to help you any

> I should note, that I ran step one in the Cygwin64 terminal.

That was correct.

> It's worth also pointing out that when I've tried to install new
> packages the same problem recurs. I did not save the log file the very
> first time I try to install Cygwin, but I have the log file for a more
> recent attempt. I'm happy to attach this to a future email if this
> would help. Alternatively, I could just include important parts of it
> in an email. How do I go about opening these files (those beginning
>, found in var/log.

The *run* files are only left there if the setup process gets aborted
somehow.  Since you say you aborted every single one, that should have
left that many of these files.  setup.log.full has the abridged logging
for all installs and setup.log is the complete log for the last
install.  They are all simple text files.

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