Autorebase hangs on install

Jack Bartley
Mon Jul 4 21:06:00 GMT 2016

Dear all,
Thanks in advance for your help.

First I ought to say that there are other instances of similar
problems occurring on this mailing list-I've tried to follow the
advice but after a decent amount of time and effort have not managed
to resolve the issue.

For the first time, I tried installing the 64-bit Cygwin on my Windows
7 machine using the setup-x86_64.exe. Once I reach
'/etc/postinstall/0p_000_autorebase.dash' the installation gets stuck.
I haven't waited at this stage for more than a few hours but I have
not got past it.

What follows is details on what I've tried.

A previous entry on the mailing list entitled "New cygwin install
hanging on postinstall" to be found at describes a
similar problem. Note, in this mailing list entry the initial problem
was one of hanging a different stage, but later in the conversation
the author claims their installation spends a long time at the same
step. However, their installation does pass this step.

The other entry I found to be similar is entitled "setup -
0p_000_autorebase.dash hangs" found
at Following a
mention of this in this conversation I ended bash processes whilst
running the setup and found that this enabled me to pass the
Autorebase stage. However, the setup then would just hang at a later
stages. I do not have the full list of all the places it hung, but
this is the error message I received after installation
Package: 0/Perpetual
0p_000_autorebase.dash exit code 1
0p_update-info-dir.dash exit code 1
Package: _/Unknown package exit code -6 exit code -6 exit code -6 exit code 1 exit code -6 exit code -6 exit code -6 exit code -6 exit code -6

Once I'd completed this (possibly faulty) installation I restarted my
machine and tried to re-base (though I'm not really sure what that
means) manually. To do that I followed the instructions here

"You need to do a full rebase.  I recommend that you do this as follows:

1. Run '/usr/bin/rebase-trigger full'.

2. Reboot, and make sure no Cygwin processes or services are running.

3. Run setup.

I should note, that I ran step one in the Cygwin64 terminal. When
reading a different mailing list entry (found at I realise that
I possibly should have ran that with ash or bash.

I also followed the instructions of the latter link which are as follows:
Can you try what happens if you stop all Cygwin processes, start a
lone dash.exe and enter "/usr/bin/rebaseall" on the command line?
Does it run and silently exits, or do you see any kind of error message?
The result of this was that nothing discernible happened for a minute
or so and then a "$" was returned in the bash, but I did not receive
any error messages. However, having rebooted and tried to run setup
again it still hangs at the Autorebase stage.

It's worth also pointing out that when I've tried to install new
packages the same problem recurs. I did not save the log file the very
first time I try to install Cygwin, but I have the log file for a more
recent attempt. I'm happy to attach this to a future email if this
would help. Alternatively, I could just include important parts of it
in an email. How do I go about opening these files (those beginning, found in var/log.

Thanks again for your help

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