Syntax for sed .. altered?

Fergus Daly
Fri Jul 1 09:17:00 GMT 2016

>> $ find archive -type f | wc
     87      87    1698
>> $ time find archive -type f | xargs sed -i 's/string1/string2/g'
     real    1m2.587s
     user    0m1.200s
     sys     0m12.884s
>> More than a minute for 90 files is just extraordinary.
>> Anybody else having a similar experience?

>  $ find test -type f |wc
     177     177    5119
>  $ time find test -type f | xargs sed -i -e "s/Octave/Pippo/g"
     real    0m5.149s
     user    0m0.170s
     sys     0m1.183s
     BLODA ?

All very perplexing. Within and between 3 different machines I get very variable timings of anything from 0m 52s to 3m 08s across 90 files, but never brief. On a 4th machine I get a more or less consistent 8s.
Previously I tried reverting to an earlier cygwin1.dll (much earlier: a year) and to the [prev] offering in setup for sed. No difference in experience. 
On local machines I have reduced all services and cut startup processes to just antivirus (MS Security Essentials or other). No difference.

So this is not a consequence of a weird file set or, apparently, a faulty Cygwin installation, but a manifestation of different machine architectures / platforms. All W7 but some 32 some 64. All protected, some differently, but having no congruence with the diverse timings above. 

Sio far sed is the only operation where extreme sloth is exhibited. A favoured benchtest  using a long computation within Cygwin has not suddenly slowed down, and remains consistent +/- 1 second within and between machines. More detective work required, I guess. And any "Me Too"s very gratefully received.


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