/usr/bin no such file or directory

Lenny Hewitt lennyhewitt@gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 20:36:00 GMT 2016

It seems my /usr/bin has unmounted.  I've looked at some of the
previous posts and do not have the causes of this failure that people
have had in the past.  This is an internal new host secluded from the
internet so no anti-virus on it yet and it's not an NFS server/client.

Is this a known issue?  We have some other hosts that are not having
this problem, they are Windows XP. The particular host that I'm having
issues with is Windows Server 2008.  I'm having this issue and I'm
having another issue where /usr/share/terminfo directory becomes
scrogged. Since they are both mounts it's probably one in the same
"cause" that I'm experiencing.

It this a known issue with CYGWIN on Windows Server 2008?  Is there a
fix without rebooting the box?



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