netcdf 4.3.3-1.2: HDF5 library version mismatched error

Marco Atzeri
Wed Feb 17 08:54:00 GMT 2016

On 17/02/2016 09:37, Alexander Barth wrote:
> Hi,
> When I run the command:
>   ncdump.exe -h
> with the example NetCDF4 file from
> I get the following HDF5 error message below, in particular:
> Headers are 1.8.15, library is 1.8.16
> Is it possible to recompile netcdf with the current version of HDF5?
> This also affects octave-netcdf and possibly all programs which use netcdf.
> Thank you for your fine work to maintain cygwin over all these years!
> Regards,
> Alexander Barth

Unfortunately hdf5 is very poor in maintaining compatibility.
In theory 1.8.15 and 1.8.16 should be API compatible...

I was planning to wait octave 4.0.1 before bumping netcdf to 4.4.0.

But I will prepare  netcdf-4.4.0 and netcdf-fortran-4.4.3 and bump
netcdf-cxx4-4.2.1 just to be sure.


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