Unable to use "grep" command in VIM 7.4

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis@SystematicSw.ab.ca
Tue Feb 16 10:37:00 GMT 2016

Jeremy Leung <Leung-J2 <at> email.ulster.ac.uk> writes:
> I have recently installed the latest version of Cygwin on my Windows 8
laptop, and everything is working as expected.
> However the issue I am having is that when I'm in VIM, and try to use the
":grep" command, it says that the
> command is not available in this version.
> Why is this the case when I can use grep outside of VIM with no issues,
and how could I solve this?

Have you updated cygwin base and vim recently? 

In cygwin mintty window type 
  which vim
and check output is:

In cygwin mintty window type 

In vim type:
  :!which grep
and check you get:

In vim type:
and check +quickfix is included not -quickfix. 

In vim type:
  :set grepprg? grepformat?
and check these look like: 
  grepprg=grep -n $* /dev/null
  grepformat=%f:%l:%m,%f:%l%m,%f  %l%m
You might have to change grepprg in your ~/.vimrc to 
  :set grepprg=grep -n "$@" /dev/null
to handle spaces in arguments properly or type "\ " instead of " ".

In vim type:
  :set sh? shq? sxq? sxe? shcf? srr? stmp?
and check these look like: 
  shellredir=>%s 2>&1

In vim type your grep command and post that from : and the output for more

You might also want to try vim ":help grep" and use ":vim" aka ":vim[grep]"
instead of ":grep" for searching external files. 

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