Issues with ACL settings after updating to the latest cygwin.dll

Andrey Repin
Wed Feb 10 02:20:00 GMT 2016

Greetings, xnor!

>>The permissions must *not* be reordered.  If Cygwin creates permissions
>>incorrectly it's one thing, but the order to emulate POSIX permissions
>>is non-canonical.  Reordering them will break them.
>>Please provide the exact output from icacls.
> They *have* to be reordered to be modifiable in Windows/Explorer. In 
> other words, if I want to change permission the new ACL behavior ensures 
> that it breaks the Cygwin permissions?

It was always the case.
Permissions are NOT REQUIRED to be ordered in a specific way, but Explorer is
only capable of editing them in the only one way.
Means, Explorer is deficient. Explorer. Not Windows. Windows is perfectly
capable of handling the Cygwin ACL in the intended way.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 05:05:14

Sorry for my terrible english...

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