Issues with ACL settings after updating to the latest cygwin.dll

Tue Feb 9 20:53:00 GMT 2016

>Not sure what Transmission is, but files downloaded with POSIX
>tools are usually not executable.  For instance, download Cygwin's
>setup-x86.exe with wget.  Then try to execute it.  It won't since
>the permissions are set according to your umask and without execute
>permissions, e.g., 0644.  This is normal.
The behavior has changed with the ACL change in Cygwin and I would not 
consider that "normal". The warning from Windows is not normal.

I realize that the previous implementation was already problematic and 
messed with permissions but I did not notice it since it never denied 
executing executables.

>The permissions must *not* be reordered.  If Cygwin creates permissions
>incorrectly it's one thing, but the order to emulate POSIX permissions
>is non-canonical.  Reordering them will break them.
>Please provide the exact output from icacls.
They *have* to be reordered to be modifiable in Windows/Explorer. In 
other words, if I want to change permission the new ACL behavior ensures 
that it breaks the Cygwin permissions?

Here is the output from icacls /saveacl for some file:

After letting Windows fix the order:

Here is what's "normal" for Windows if I create a file under a new 
folder on C: in Explorer:

Strangely enough this is displayed as "-rwxrwx---+ MyUser None" with `ls 
-l` even though my user is in the group Administrators.

Here is what I would expect:
MyUser is in the group Administrators. Given the inherited permissions 
above a Windows-created file should be shown as "-rwxrwxr--+ MyUser 

After chmod 664 I would expect this:
- still inherit all the permissions
- add permission MyUser DENY execute
- add permission Administrators DENY execute
- add permission Everyone ALLOW read

Instead Cygwin copies all permissions, drops the inheritance, copies 
them again, adds None, adds NULL SID ...

After a consecutive chmod 770 I would expect the above non-inherited 
permissions to be removed again.

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