sshd interaction with desktop not working

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Tue Feb 9 12:56:00 GMT 2016

On 2/9/2016 4:49 AM, Aijaz Baig wrote:
> Hello
> I am SSH'ing into a windows 10 box from a Linux box. I've configured
> sshd on the windows box and I can properly SSH into it.
> X11 forwarding also works perfectly after having installed Xming on
> windows (not that it matters with this problem anyways).
> However I am unable to open any windows application from the Linux
> box. I would like to open the windows app locally in the windows box
> (or to rephrase it, I do not need the UI windows to be opened on the
> Linux box)
> I am unable to figure out why it is not working even after selecting
> "Allow service to interact with desktop". My goal is to invoke windows
> app from ssh (Linux to Windows). Similar problems earlier were solved
> by selecting this option but apparently they were on earlier version
> of windows.
> Or should I take a different approach? Am I barking at the wrong tree here??
> I am keen to hear from input(s)

Wrong tree, yes.  Microsoft chopped down the tree you want and planted a new
one in its place.  In short, the restriction was introduced post-XP as it
is considered a security hole.  There have been sporadic subsequent reports
of success to this list but never a clear recipe for getting this to work
reliably.  And given that this is perceived as a security hole, I doubt
you'll find one that doesn't include some significant effort and/or
restrictions.  If you search around for "Windows station" and "Allow
service to interact with desktop", I think you'll find some relevant



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