sshd interaction with desktop not working

Aijaz Baig
Tue Feb 9 09:49:00 GMT 2016


I am SSH'ing into a windows 10 box from a Linux box. I've configured
sshd on the windows box and I can properly SSH into it.

X11 forwarding also works perfectly after having installed Xming on
windows (not that it matters with this problem anyways).

However I am unable to open any windows application from the Linux
box. I would like to open the windows app locally in the windows box
(or to rephrase it, I do not need the UI windows to be opened on the
Linux box)

I am unable to figure out why it is not working even after selecting
"Allow service to interact with desktop". My goal is to invoke windows
app from ssh (Linux to Windows). Similar problems earlier were solved
by selecting this option but apparently they were on earlier version
of windows.

Or should I take a different approach? Am I barking at the wrong tree here??

I am keen to hear from input(s)

Best Regards,
Aijaz Baig

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