Latest curl fails with error 55 (Failed sending HTTP request) with specific URL

Yaakov Selkowitz
Mon Feb 8 19:22:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-02-08 06:57, Andrew Clark wrote:
> I've been running a simple script that uses curl to generate a token
> from a web service. Up until the last release (7.47.0-2), this had
> been working fine. Now, however, I'm consistently getting
> curl: (55) Failed sending HTTP request
> The script I have boils down to this curl request:
> $ curl --header "$header"
> where $header contains
> $ echo "$header"
> Authorization: Basic Sm9oblNtaXRoQGRhdGFpbnRlbnNpdHlsbGMuY29tOldlbGNvbWUxCg==
> X-ConsumerKey: oEcc7vFraW66kVlr3zWb6i
> (these are values for a dummy account with this provider set up to
> allow access to their token service)

A separate --header flag should be used for each header that you wish to 
set.  IOW:

curl --header "Authorization: Basic $AUTH" --header "X-ConsumerKey: 


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