Issues with ACL settings after updating to the latest cygwin.dll

Mon Feb 8 17:48:00 GMT 2016

>I'm not quite sure what you observe there.  The NULL SID ACE only
>contains extra information about some POSIX bits and the MASK value.
>It's existence and setting should not influence what you can do with 
>file.  The permission bits are explicitely set elsewhere in the ACL.
>Can you reproduce the issue so that I can see what's going on?  I need
>the icacls output for the file and its parent directory, as well as the
>output from getfacl for both.
I have the same problem with Transmission.

I noticed this first when I tried to execute an exe that was downloaded 
with Transmission compiled in cygwin. When trying to start the exe from 
Explorer an error dialog will appear:
"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not 
have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

When going to file properties - security I get an information dialog 
"The permissions on <program> are incorrectly ordered, which may cause 
some entries to be ineffective."

Proper permissions (of parent folder) look like this:
Authenticated Users: modify
SYSTEM: Full control
Administrators: Full control
Users: Read & execute

The permissions of the cygwin/transmission created files are (manually 
translated from German):
NULL SID: special
<My User>: special
Authenticated Users: Browse folder / Execute file
SYSTEM: Browse folder / Execute file
Administrators: Browse folder / Execute file
Users: Browse folder / Execute file
Nobody: Read
Authenticated Users: Read, write, execute
SYSTEM: Read, write, execute
Administrators: Read, write, execute
Users: Read, Execute
Everyone: Read

Also when going to advanced permissions it shows the same incorrectly 
ordered warning and asks me to re-order permissions.

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