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Corinna Vinschen
Mon Feb 8 14:29:00 GMT 2016

On Jan 31 21:24, Rainer Blome wrote:
> On 28.01.2016 21:40, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>> On a hunch, do you have old /etc/passwd and /etc/group files by
> >>> any chance?  Does moving them out of /etc (don't delete them for
> >>> now!), exiting from Cygwin and starting a new shell somehow fix
> >>> things for you? How do the files look like?
> >> 
> >> Define "old"! ;-) Yes, I do. There is no `/etc/group`, but 
> >> `/etc/passwd` defines the group ID of my user as 213 (the real ID
> >> is a bit different, to be honest, but I do not think that 
> >> matters.)
> The real group ID is 513, by the way. On a Cygwin 2.3.1 on a different
> machine, `/etc/passwd` also has 513 in the group column of all users.
> Yet, when I ask for `id`, I get something like this (translated):
>  uid=197609(username) gid=197121(None) \
>   Groups=197121(None),545(Users),...

These values make sense.

> > Ouch, that may be the reason.  I have to check that but your passwd
> > and group files are
> > 
> > 1) Not required anymore, see 
> >, and
> Well, I do not use Active Directory, and I try to maintain a stable
> home directory across new machines, drives or Windows reinstalls,
> so I specify this directory in `/etc/passwd`. Since it is small,
> I see no harm in using this method.
> On my Cygwin 2.4.1, to get things to run the way I want them, I
> renamed `/etc/passwd.renamed` back to `/etc/passwd`, and replaced
> the old group id by the ID of group "None", 197121.
> In a new terminal, things now run as expected, SSH finds its .ssh
> directory and `chmod` etc. work the way that they should.
> > 2) *iff* they are there, there's good reason to have them in a good
> > working shape.
> No doubt. So what kind of maintenance do these files need?
> Should I have known that they do?

They should match.  For instance, one problem is if your passwd entry
contains a gid not available in either the Windows user DB or /etc/group.

> > Thanks for *your* help.  I expect there are still a few problems in
> > that code since not even a multi-month testphase finds all problems.
> I am curious what change triggered the issue, can you point me to a
> commit or change-log entry?

Not a single one.  It's probably related to the new ACL handling but
knowing it more specificially requires debugging.


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