[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: _autorebase-001003-1

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Feb 7 10:05:00 GMT 2016

The _autorebase package has been updated with several improvements to
(hopefully) increase the robustness of the scripts and avoid some
spurious warning messages.


This package provides scripts to keep the Cygwin system properly
rebased.  By default this happens incrementally, which means after
each run of setup.exe it is determined which packages have been newly
installed and only the dynamic objects provided by those packages are
rebased, taking the rebase map of the existing installation into
account.  The scripts are intended to be run by the system
administrator or from another account that has all the necessary
access rights.

Since over time the rebase map can fragment, it is possible to trigger
a full rebase.  In this case all packages on the system are treated as
newly installed and the existing rebase map is cleared before doing
the rebase.

Some programs allow the user to create or install dynamic objects
after installation.  Since these are not part of an installed package,
they wouldn't be rebased automatically, as their location isn't known.
Packages can make the potential locations of such dynamic objects
known by dropping a file (named after the package) in
/var/lib/rebase/dynpath.d/.  If any dynamic objects are installed by
users, these locations should be advertised in /var/lib/rebase/user.d/
(the file name should be identical to the user name if there are
multiple users on this system).  The format of these files is one
absolute path per line.  Those directory paths should not include
locations of packaged dynamic objects, as these are already picked up
from the installation.

The incremental rebase is controlled by the script /usr/bin/rebaselst.
Except for debugging purposes this script should not be run directly by
users, as (like any other attempt at rebasing) it doesn't work
correctly on a live Cygwin system.

To perform a full rebase, execute "rebase-trigger fullrebase".  Then
shut down Cygwin, including any services you have installed, and
simply run setup.exe.  The rebase will be performed even when the
installation did not get modified in any way.  Any subsequent runs of
setup.exe will again rebase in incremental mode.


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