redistributing a part of cygwin

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Fri Feb 5 03:11:00 GMT 2016

On 02/04/2016 01:20 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
> Fabio writes:
>> we have compiled a parallel program for Windows using cygwin.
>> In order to make the program work on any computer we have to include
>> in the package some parts of cygwin (some .dll and some .exe).
> There's another option: providing a script or instructions on how to
> install Cygwin and avoid the whole binary distribution headache.  In
> that case you'd provide a package repository that can be added to the
> main Cygwin one during installation, in the way Cygwin Ports is doing.

Yeah, that's certainly good advice.  It makes a package out of the original 
program that Cygwin's setup understands and, as a result, the next step of
offering the program as a package to the rest of the Cygwin community
becomes very simple.  If adding the program to the Cygwin distribution
isn't acceptable or possible for any reason, just hosting it in your own
"third-party" repository, as Achim suggests, is a good alternative.  This
still uses Cygwin's setup as the program's installation mechanism and so is
completely compatible with any existing or future Cygwin installation.  It
may not be obvious but that's a big win when it comes to maintaining a
working program and any Cygwin installation.  But if that's not enough to
sway one towards working within the architecture of Cygwin's setup, another
alternative that's arguably easier to do is to use Cygwin's setup with its
command line parameters to install the needed packages.  This could be
invoked from whatever installation method the original program uses.  The
Cygwin packages installed in this way are still 100% compatible with any
current or future Cygwin installation.

Any of these choices are much better and easier to maintain than a
directory somewhere with a copy of a bunch of Cygwin DLLs and the program.
They are definitely worth considering.



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