Fork and crashing problems

Achim Gratz Stromeko@NexGo.DE
Tue Feb 2 15:32:00 GMT 2016

James Darnley <james.darnley <at>> writes:
> > Well, that exit code is ACCESS_VIOLATION... if you are sure it's not BLODA
> > related and it fails only intermittently and always with a different
> > program, I'd run a memory test.
> Do you mean something like Memtest86?

Yes, or maybe your BIOS has a built-in memory check, but these tend to be
not as thorough.  You might also want to check if your graphics drivers are
up-to-date, they've been blamed for causing trouble like this in other
instances, especially if the screensaver kicks in during high load.  But I'd
rule out dodgy memory first, let it run for at least four full test cycles
(that should take quite a while depending on how much memory you have).


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