Any progress on "Fork issues ith long command lines and long $PATH"?

Ken Brown
Tue Feb 2 02:52:00 GMT 2016

On 2/1/2016 6:38 PM, Richard Heintze wrote:
> (1) OK, I did that and I saw the 24.5-3. However, when I got to help about emacs, it says 24.5-1! did I do wrong?

I don't think it says 24.5-1.  It says 24.5.1.  The ".1" is a build 
counter, which has nothing to do with Cygwin's release number 3.

> (2) I want to post my stack dump and error messages from using bash with Native windows (aka FSF, or non-Cygwin) emacs since I think this is a bug in bash (and the original topic). Should I start a new thread for that?

Unless you still think it's related to fork issues with long command 
lines and long $PATH, I suggest you start a new thread.  I won't be able 
to help you with that, but maybe someone else will.


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