cygwin_conv_path sometimes removes trailing slash

Mon Feb 1 10:59:00 GMT 2016

Ray Donnelly < <at>> writes:

> I can't check as I'm at work, but to the best of my knowledge (and yes
> I wrote these a long time ago) path_conv::check is used in conversions
> both ways so I am talking about both cases here, Jan's with the first
> patch and Ken's with the second patch. Please do correct me if I am
> wrong though! I will run some detailed tests tonight.

As I wrote to Ken (private e-mail), let us wait for Corinna: she knows
all the nooks and crannies here ...

As far as I can tell, path_conv::check() is invoked for posix -> win32
only; that is, in cygwin_conv_path() (winsup/cygwin/

But, again, let us wait for Corinna.


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