CVS problems on 64-bit cygwin
Mon Feb 1 05:39:00 GMT 2016

> > CVS_RSH="ssh"; export CVS_RSH 
> Good call.  I set CVS_RSH in my .bash_profile so long ago I forgot about it. 
> This probably explains why the OP sees the problem change when moving from Cygwin
> 32 to Cygwin 64: he probably doesn't use the same shell startup scripts in both cases. 

My 32 and 64-bit .bash_profile scripts are identical and the default; I learned long ago
not to waste effort on tweaking individual setups. both 1494 bytes long, both mistyping
'beneficial'. Different MD5 sums, but:

$ diff bash32 bash64 
< # base-files version 4.2-3 
> # base-files version 4.2-4 

However, the CVS_RSH hint worked and fixed the problem on that 64-bit install.
Easy enough to add in a two-line checkout script, but...

I've got another older 64-bit install - again, default scripts - that has never
shown this problem.

There's something very odd here; where else in systemwide scripts
might set CVS_RSH?

Lloyd Wood

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