new setup.exe doesn't collapse package sets in full view.

Stephen Paul Carrier carrier@Berkeley.EDU
Tue Dec 13 23:02:00 GMT 2016

I downloaded the new setup program (2.877, 32-bit) and ran it on a
cygwin installation that hadn't been updated in over a year (2008R2).
I first got the Pending view, OK, then switched to Full and found that
the packages were not aggregated into tabs-- they were in one very long
alphabetical list.  I am wondering whether the more convenient tabbed
view is still available and if others are also seeing this issue.  

I tried a different download source, same issue.  I have tried with
server that hadn't been updated in >1 year, and server that was updated
last week.  Same issue.

Can the tabbed view be retained as an option, even for pre-existing
installations?  Thanks.


Stephen Carrier

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