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Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Tue Dec 13 19:47:00 GMT 2016

Brian Inglis writes:
> Remove DACLs Default ACLs also on directories using: 
> 	setfacl -bk ~/.[!.]* ~/.[!.]*/**/ ~/.[!.]*/**/* \
> 			/???/**/ /???/**/* /sbin/ /sbin/*
> - that takes a while to run, and you may get a few anonymous
> 	setfacl: Permission denied
> messages - paths in the messages would have been nice here!
> Be careful *NOT* to hit Windows directories including your Windows 
> home directory, or any other Windows directories, native symlinks, 
> native hardlinks, junctions, or file types such as Windows .lnk, 
> .URL, etc. where Windows may rely on the DACLs, ACLs, and attributes 
> for proper handling.

Which is why you shouldn't use the above, but have find produce a list
of the files to be changed and when you are sure it doesn't contain any
stray things process them either via the -exec + option in find or
piping into xargs (the latter is slightly less efficient and you have to
do -print0/-0, but I tend to get it right more easily then the -exec

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