Problem with chdir and GetCurrentDirectory on Windows 2016

Dipak Gaigole
Fri Dec 9 07:24:00 GMT 2016

> >>>>
> >>>> So in this situation, is it possible to get the cwd value as
> >>>> "/cygdrive/c/temp/appdir/bin" using some cygwin API?
> >>>
> >>> No, it is generally not possible to get the POSIX path to anything in
> >>> the cygwin root (/) tree to be prefixed by the /cygdrive prefix. The
> >>> /cygdrive prefix exists solely to resolve paths that are outside of /,
> >>> so paths inside that tree don't need the /cygdrive prefix.
> >>>
> >> This path is also displayed to the enduser at different places. So our
> >> requirement is to always get a path in the /cygdrive/ prefix format
> >> irrespective of whether it is inside the cygwin root (/) or outside of
> >> /.
> > I think this can be achieved by getcwd () +
> > cygwin_conv_path(CCP_POSIX_TO_WIN_A,...) and converting the windows
> > style path to /cygdrive/ prefix format.
> No, this is wrong approach.
> Do not do manual path manipulation, it WILL fail.
> Always use corrsponding conversion tools provided by Cygwin.

Agreed Andrey. But I couldn't find any API(s) which can serve my
requirements. And we can't afford to execute (fork+exec) tools like
cygpath for each getcwd call.
Any suggestions on improving this approach or any alternative approach
are always welcome.


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