emacs-w32 not starting - libgd3 problem

Peter Hull peterhull90@gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 09:57:00 GMT 2016

On 21/08/16 23:03, Ken Brown wrote:
> OK, let's wait to hear from Volker (or maybe Yaakov has some insight?).
> BTW, I've looked at the sources for gd-2.2.3-1, and the string 
> "WebPDecode" appears only once, in a call to WebPDecodeARGB.  So I 
> don't understand why there wasn't an ABI bump between versions 2.1.1 
> and 2.2.3.

Thanks very much everyone for looking into this issue. In the interim, 
is there a way for me to get emacs running again by using cygwin setup 
to install an earlier version of ImageMagick (or gd?)


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