GIT source build failure: wcwidth.c::_wcwidth misses __locale_cjk_lang()

Hans-Bernhard Bröker
Sun Aug 21 15:25:00 GMT 2016

Am 21.08.2016 um 12:30 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:

> thanks for the report, but I can't reproduce this.  I can build Cygwin
> fine natively as well as on Linux, with and without optimization.

That's strange.  On Re-examination, it builds here, too, even without 
the added include.  I.e. effectively it took only a `touch` of wcwidth.c 
to fix this.

Could there be a problem with the dependency handling in the newlib 
auto-foo which caused changes to header files to fail triggering a rebuild?

And while I'm at it: what _is_ the dependency handling here, anyway?  I 
can't seem to find any.  Which could indeed explain the problem.

> So why does this fail for you?  I wonder if some compile time settings
> are responsible for this problem.  How do you build Cygwin from the git
> repo?  Do you use some special debug options or something like that?

None that I'm aware of.  The only differences in may sandbox prior to 
occurence of the failure were in winsup/doc and configure. 
Other than that it's a straight-up

   ../newlib-cygwin/configure --prefix=/home/hbbro/prg/cygwin/inst


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