Please explain how to add to a thread in this mailing list

Nellis, Kenneth
Sat Aug 13 02:59:00 GMT 2016


From: Andrey Repin 

> People use digest when they don't plan to participate in discussions, or if
> they are using web mail with no ability or inclination to setup main filters
> so that list messages end in a separate directory and not disturbing their private mails.

I subscribe to the digest, I do participate in discussions from time to
time, and I don't use a web mail interface.

I review the postings through the cygwin website. When I want to reply,
I click on the "Other format: [Raw text]" link, which displays some sort of
message ID. For example, the message to which I am replying now has the
number 204476, which is obtained from the first line of the target of the
raw text link:

>From cygwin-return-204476-listarch-cygwin=sourceware dot org at cygwin dot com Fri Aug 12 11:05:19 2016

Then, look for that message in the digest and reply to that. (This is easy
in Outlook; can't talk to other e-mail readers.) Because it's a digest, you 
may not yet have it, but you can ask for it simply by sending an e-mail to 

It is a little awkward, but it shows the love.

--Ken Nellis

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