tcsh version 6.19.00-3 hangs on exit

Thomas Taylor
Thu Aug 11 23:38:00 GMT 2016

I really appreciate your looking into this problem.  I use the Cygwin64 
Terminal icon to create one or more windows.  I set my login shell to 
/bin/tcsh in /etc/passwd.  As you suggested, I deleted ~/.logout, and do 
not have an /etc/csh.logout.  I also deleted ~/.login, and reduced my 
(optional) ~/.cshrc to only the following two lines:

     set history=100
     set savehist=($history merge lock)

In this case (if I understand correctly) tcsh first sources 
/etc/csh.cshrc, then ~/.cshrc, then /etc/csh.login.  The files 
/etc/csh.cshrc and /etc/csh.login are as downloaded from one of the 
Cygwin x86_64 mirror sites, and are unchanged by me; only the optional 
file ~/.cshrc (above) has been added by me.  Unfortunately, all mintty 
windows hang upon exit, and each must be killed (along with its 
associated tcsh) using the Windows Task Manager.  C-Shell scripts 
started from the command line also hang upon exit (unless their first 
line contains the fast startup flag "-f"), and must be killed with 
Control-C.  The mintty windows and the C-Shell scripts do not hang if 
the third word "lock" is removed from the setting of savehist in 
~/.cshrc.  I would like to use "lock" for the reasons mentioned in the 
tcsh man pages.  Things seemed to work fine until a couple of weeks ago, 
when I updated my Cygwin system.

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