Launch cygwin as non-domain user

Corinna Vinschen
Mon Aug 8 10:02:00 GMT 2016

On Aug  6 09:27, Bob Van wrote:
> I'm attempting to work with ruby on rails in cygwin, though I know
> it's a difficult path to go down. I have a windoz7 laptop which is
> connected to a company domain sometimes, and which pushes security
> updates down sometimes. Normally, when I launch cygwin, my console is
> for user rvanover@RVANOVERMEIREN, and my user can create rails apps
> and install bundles - even if they are dropped in from windows and
> owned by Administrators.
> Recently, after an update I imagine, when I launch cygwin, my console
> is now for user CHI+User(14497)@RVANOVERMEIREN, and starts in the root
> (/) directly rather than my user. To cygwin.bat, I added 'set
> HOME=\C:cygwin64\home\rvanover', and the console will load at my
> normal home and my bashrc aliases are available, but when I run
> 'bundle install' for a rails app (dropped in from windoz explorer), I
> get error 'EINVAL: Invalid argument @ chmod_internal {path to some gem
> bin script}'.
> I don't have users/groups in /etc. Sometimes when I'm off the company
> network/vpn, cygwin will come up in my normal user console, and work
> normally, but I can't tell why that happens.
> I just want to know how to launch cygwin as my non-domain user so I
> don't get these chmod problems?

Do you have old /etc/passwd and /etc/group files?  I suggest removing
them for a start and see how Cygwin comes up.  After that we can go
into details what to change so that your account info is to your liking
again (perhaps even with new /etc/passwd and /etc/group files in certain

For the time being I also suggest to read the documentation on the
new account handling:


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