PATHEXT is fundamental to Windows and Should be recognised by CYGWIN

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Mon Aug 8 02:19:00 GMT 2016

On 8/7/2016 4:11 AM, Herbert Stocker wrote:
> On 05.08.2016 17:29, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>  If you see the
>> code required to handle .exe and .lnk extensions you don't *want*
>> PATHEXT support anymore.
> Moreso, this code has recently broken my C++ code in Cygwin.
> It tried to see if a directory  /dir/subdir/something  existed,
> and Cygwin said yes because it found a /dir/subdir/something.exe .
> So my program failed.

In my opinion this is an issue with stat/lstat coding. In the alpha days
of Cygwin binutils didn't add the .exe to executable files.  The problem
that caused was that CMD couldn't execute a perfectly valid executable
even though Cygwin's bash could.  The fix is what we have today and it
does cause problems such as you describe.  The fact that this scenario
prevails is an indication that the code needs to be revisited.  Maybe
even a different method to execute files with extensions given without
the extensions at the command line.

cyg Simple

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