bash tab completion

Sun Aug 7 00:12:00 GMT 2016

I have
  # No over-writing files
  set -o noclobber
in my .bash_profile, so if I want to redirect output to an already
existing file I have to use " >| "

What I recently noticed is that tab completion doesn't work after >|

For example:

$ ls /tmp/xc*

$ diff > /tmp/xc[tab]
and it expands to "$ diff > /tmp/xcompile.diff "

$ diff >| /tmp/xc[tab]
and nothing happens.

What seems a bit strange is that
$ diff >| /tmp/xc<alt>M<alt>-<alt>/
gives me
$ diff >| /tmp/xcompile.diff

"/tmp/xc" doesn't start with any of "$~@", there is no command, alias
or function that starts with "/tmp/xc" and so it seems like tab
completion should give me the same thing as <alt>M-/ but it doesn't

Is there something I need to do so that tab completion after " >| " works?


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