Cygwin Xwin Windows 10 Trend Micro

Paul McKinley
Sat Aug 6 05:26:00 GMT 2016

I just upgraded to Windows 10 via fresh install, including a fresh install
of Cygwin.  I use Trend Micro antivirus.
I had issues with the dash postinstall rebase operation which would hang,
but figured out that it would work if I temporarily disabled Trend Micro.
I couldn't get the X windows to work, not even with the entire Cygwin
directory set to exempt in Trend Micro.
So I did a support chat session with Trend Micro.  They said to set the
"Pause User Mode Hooking" - which works.  You get to this setting by running
the Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit, it's under the "Threats" tab.  They also
recommended a hotfix, see
ecurity/1112161.aspx  but that didn't help.

This issue has been sent to Trend Micro engineering for resolution.

Meantime if you're having issues running Cygwin Xwin with Trend Micro
installed, try enabling the "Pause User Mode Hooking" solution above.

Hope this helps someone....

Paul McKinley

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