disable ldap

Quiring, Peter pquiring@gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 18:14:00 GMT 2016

When Windows LXSS came out it was intriguing but without access from the 
command prompt it doesn't seem as useful as cygwin.  What I liked about 
it though is that it simplifies file permissions.  I've always had many 
headaches with cygwin and strange file permissions that it creates.  But 
then I found that cygwin supports noacl,exec mount options which makes 
using it less painful.  git and ssh seem to work fine with this.

Is there an option in cygwin to disable ldap queries?  My laptop is on a 
domain and when I take my laptop home this causes cygwin apps to start 
up real slow.  There is that cygserver but I've had to restart that 

So can I get files to show up as root/root and disable ldap queries?  
Would make using cygwin less frustrating.  If NO please consider this a 
feature request.


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