PATHEXT is fundamental to Windows and Should be recognised by CYGWIN

Michel LaBarre
Fri Aug 5 15:34:00 GMT 2016

Hello cygsimple,

Thanks for the advice regarding line length. 
I will try to remember to rein in my margins when emailing to cygwin. 

Thanks for your recognition of PATHEXT's potential value;
reassuring to know I am not alone in my delusions.

Regarding providing code, I am somewhat stale (though I spent my first 20 work years
immersed in system code, assembly/C/Algol/Pascal/C++, building firmware for bit-sliced processors, etc.)

The patch to which I referred is one I found while researching the topic; is one reference to it.
It is old and likely out of date.

Michel (as opposed to Michael... )

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