`CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict`, `ln -s target link` fails if target doesn't exist

Peter Rosin peda@lysator.liu.se
Fri Apr 29 12:15:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-04-29 13:34, Gene Pavlovsky wrote:
>>> POSIX says a symlink to a missing target is perfectly well-defined (you
>>> can't stat() through it, but you can readlink() it). But Windows native
>>> symlinks can't do that.  So the problems you are encountering all stem
>>> from the fact that you are trying to make Windows do something it can't.
>> My initial reaction was that, too, but I tried mklink (CMD internal command)
>>> mklink x y
>> and it created the symlink in the empty directory just fine.
> This is my point exactly. Windows dangling symlinks can be created as
> easily as in UNIX.
> At least this is the case on my Win7 x64.

No, it can't.

c:\>mklink a b
c:\>mkdir b
c:\>cd b
c:\b>cd ..
c:\>cd a
The directory name is invalid
c:\>rmdir b
c:\>echo hello > b
c:\>type a

It only works for dangling links to files. Not good enough.


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