converting from -mno-cygwin

Tue Apr 26 23:06:00 GMT 2016

I'm trying to get privoxy (
to build under the current cygwin.
It works using cygwin 1.5 + gcc v3 -mno-cygwin & I was hoping it would
be relatively easy to get it working using the cross-compiler
toolchain. But I keep getting stuck :(

$ make
i686-w64-mingw32-gcc  -mwindows -mwin32  -o privoxy.exe actions.o
cgi.o cgiedit.o cgisimple.o deanimate.o encode.o errlog.o filters.o
gateway.o jbsockets.o jcc.o list.o loadcfg.o loaders.o miscutil.o
parsers.o ssplit.o urlmatch.o client-tags.o w32log.o w32taskbar.o
win32.o w32svrapi.o w32.res pcrs.o pcre/get.o pcre/maketables.o
pcre/study.o pcre/pcre.o pcre/pcreposix.o -lws2_32  -lz -lwsock32
-lcomctl32  -lpthreadGC2
cannot find -lpthreadGC2
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
GNUmakefile:727: recipe for target 'privoxy.exe' failed
make: *** [privoxy.exe] Error 1

I tried changing the make file to

# PThreads library, if needed.
PTHREAD_LIB  = -lpthread

and it builds without error, but run it and it complains about
This application has failed to start because libwinpthread-1.dll was not found.

So copy libwinpthread-1.dll & zlib1.dll to the directory where I've
got privoxy.exe and it actually works!  Or at least hasn't crashed yet


How to tell if I should be using libwinpthread or pthread?  I had no
idea so installed both:
$ ls -l *hread*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root None 47635 Apr  7 08:54 libwinpthread-1.dll
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root None 65024 Jul  6  2013 pthreadGC2.dll

If I should be using the pthread library, what's the correct library
name to give GCC - ie. in the make file,
PTHREAD_LIB  = ??what??

Is there a way to get the libraries included as part of the
executable?  I'd rather not have to include libwinpthread-1.dll &
zlib1.dll in the distribution package.

Is there a standard way to figure out if the compiler is gcc-v3 with
the -mno-cygwin flag set?
I had to make a few changes to the code to get this far & I'd prefer
to have the changes wrapped inside an #IFDEF or something.  For
example, I just commented out the include since it conflicts with

#ifdef __MINGW32__
/* -LR- #include "cygwin.h" */
/* -LR- const char cygwin_h_rcs[] = CYGWIN_H_VERSION; */

Under cygwin 1.5, gcc -mno-cygwin  requires cygwin.h to be included.
Using i686-w64-mingw32-gcc if cygwin.h is inculded gcc barfs with a
conflicting definition of [i don't remember].
It'd be nice if I could build using the old or new method without
having to change the source code, so I'm guessing I want some kind of
ifdef wrapper for the include??


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