Proposed patch for web site: update most links to HTTPS

Brian Clifton
Mon Apr 25 00:05:00 GMT 2016

Hi folks,

I have a proposed change for the web site. This patch (see below) will update most of the urls to HTTPS. In many cases there was a redirect; for those I captured the new canonical address.

(Per the, this is *not* a change to anything in the winsup directory, which is why I chose the cygwin@cygwin distro)

The patch can be found here:

And can be verified by these checksums:
sha256sum / 9e5c41d303d8d19a411d0f586dbd653cb21abd48d31868631a59e9929351a83b
sha1sum / f17fd3d9d83b3478b16e523f0eb9070a22a2a5df
md5sum / 90ecf222826196a5061753594fcb5846

The tool I used to detect the links (along with an explanation of why https is preferable) can be found here:


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