can't open cygwin from shortcut

Doug McIlroy
Sat Apr 23 17:17:00 GMT 2016

On a Microsoft Surface running CYGWIN_NT-10.0 version 2.4.1(0.293/5/3)
I cannot start Cygwin from the desktop shortcut. It fails to find
mintty. On failure, it proffers a browsing window focused on /bin.
Clicking on mintty in that window does not work. I can start
Cygwin via a Windows "run" request, however.

On a Dell desktop machine running CYGWIN_NT-6.3 version 1.7.34(0.285/5/3)
where the shortcut works, I see that the pathname in the shortcut
ends in mintty.exe. The .exe extension is missing in the 2.4.1
shortcut. Could this be the cause? If so, is there a convenient
way to edit a shortcut?

Doug McIlroy

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