Program start blocked / mintty?

Thomas Wolff
Fri Apr 22 12:23:00 GMT 2016

I had one machine where a few applications, including mintty, would 
stubbornly not start, mostly without any trace of a problem.
Only in one case, I got an error message

       0 [sig] -bash 1164536 get_proc_lock: Couldn't acquire
sync_proc_subproc for(5,1), last 7, Win32 error 0
    2537 [sig] -bash 1164536 proc_subproc: couldn't get proc lock. what
5, val 1

This was reported in already, where 
cgf answered it should be fixed in the next shapshot.
But only a few months later, it was reported again:

By help of google, I got aware of an association to the Avast virus 
scanner, so I temporarily disabled it's runtime checking feature and voilà –
seamless operation!

So my questions:
What change back in 2013 may cgf have referred to that could have fixed 
the issue (and maybe was broken later again, or could be repolished to 
really fix it)?
If there is nothing cygwin can do, how could Avast be convinced to 
rectify this issue?


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