native Linux userland in Windows 10

John Cowan
Thu Apr 21 16:31:00 GMT 2016

David Macek scripsit:

> You're assuming LSW will become pre-installed on these workstations and
> UoW will become a Windows Store "app". I'm not saying it can't happen,
> but it seems unlikely at the moment.

Why unlikely?  That is exactly what is the case, if you are running
the current alpha build of Windows 10.  

It's also worth noting that although "setup* -q -P <package>" still pops
up the familiar status display, it runs from the command line without
requiring any attention.  The only problems are the possibility of an
elevated-privilege popup (no worse than being asked for a sudo password)
and the fact that the install runs detached, so you cannot have a script
that installs something before going on unless you take special pains
to wait for the installation to complete.

John Cowan
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