introduction, fix for npm w.r.t. git, and questions

Wed Apr 20 20:37:00 GMT 2016

> I think the "correct" fix would be to get npm (or possibly the
> JavaScript engine itself?) to stop acting as if it's in a Windows
> environment
You're on the right track. The root issue is that Node.js (on which npm 
runs) is a native Windows binary in pretty much all cases, as it's not 
possible to build it or v8 (the JS engine) through Cygwin's toolchain, 
at least not without numerous modifications. Node.js had actual support 
for Cygwin until 0.4.2 (which is ancient), after which it was dropped, 
presumably because of v8 build issues.

If one were to obtain a Cygwin-built Node.js binary, `process.platform` 
would be `Linux` and npm would happily feed POSIX paths into git.


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