git clone fails with error chmod on config.lock failed: Invalid argument

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Apr 19 14:04:00 GMT 2016

On Apr 19 13:20, Tomas Jura wrote:
> Hi
> My passwd and groups files got automatically renamed. I can't identify the
> exact date. Last update of cygwin I did yesterday, but the rename could
> happen a long time ago.
> >pwd
> /etc
> > ls  passwd* groups*
> passwd.backup groups.backup
> > groups
> groups: cannot find name for group ID 10749228312
> 10749228312 ZTB+Group(513) Administrators Users ..... ZTB+Group(1298252)...
> ZTB is my AD domain. Seems that any of the groups that I have assigned on
> the domain level was not resolved.

Yeah.  Group 513 on the AD level is the group "Domain Users" which should
always exist.  It looks like all LookupAccountSid requests to your primary
machine domain fail for some reason.

> In the old groups.backup there is a record:
> None:S-1-5-21-4091695911-3229423371-1046061999-513:513:

This is group 513 of the local SAM.  This is not related.

> BTW: My machine is Windows Server 2008, yesterday I also run the Windows
> update procedure before I notified the chmod error.
> A months ago, I had to migrate to the new AD account. The cygwin was
> installed using my old account, which is deleted now. Is it possible that
> the query to AD runs under my old account?

That's a good question.  The problem is that I can't see *why* the
requests fail.  This bugs me since failing LookupAccountSid calls should
result in a debug message when running strace.

Do you have changed your /etc/nsswitch.conf file by any chance?

Would you mind to create strace output of the command `id'?


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