setup.ini in error?

Mon Apr 18 06:49:00 GMT 2016


Just curious ...

Normally I do NOT use setup-x86_64.exe to "install" (download) a source
code tarball ... I will go directly to the source (i.c. a mirror).

This time I decided to use setup (in order to verify a hypothesis) ...

As usual I execute this procedure in 2 steps:

  1. Download without installing
  2. Install from Local Directory

(I do not maintain a local mirror)

Step 1 presented no problem.

I got a surprise when I executed step 2: when I selected the source code
tarball, setup informed me ... it was going to install "debuginfo".

I was not surprised to see that intention fail ...

Only after I had modified setup.ini, where I removed the "source:" line
from tar-debuginfo, setup was able to "install" the source code tarball.

A mirror (at least the mirror I use) does not have a source-code tarball
in a *-debuginfo subdirectory.

(to clarify: the "source:" line is present in the "tar" entry as well as
  in the "tar-debuginfo" entry of setup.ini -- I removed the one from the
  the "tar-debuginfo" entry).

Did I miss anything?


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