native Linux userland in Windows 10

John Cowan
Fri Apr 15 16:48:00 GMT 2016

Tobias Zawada scripsit:

>  - There is no plan to add X11 or Mir (or any equivalent) to WSL.
>    It is not possible to install X11 stuff since the grapical device drivers
>    are not ported.

There is no problem, however, with running Cygwin/X or a similar Win32
X server, and then running X clients in UoW.  I was able to run two
copies of xeyes simultaneously, one from Cygwin and one from UoW, once
I patched startx to listen on localhost and not just via Unix sockets,
which do not interoperate between Cygwin and UoW.

>  - Windows and WSL have separate users. (How do access rights work then?)

I don't know, but somehow UoW does have local privilege separation.

> >From my point of view it depends on the use case whether WSL or Cygwin is the
> right choice for you.

Or both, of course.  UoW is alpha software in any case.

>  2nd: It would be really nice if Microsoft would give Corinna more
>  support with fork and acl.

That would entail reimplementing fork() for Win32.

John Cowan
The internet is a web of tiny tyrannies giving an illusion of anarchy.
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