Conflict between Cygwin 1.7 and Ubuntu for Windows 14316

John Cowan
Fri Apr 15 01:04:00 GMT 2016

KARL BOTTS scripsit:

> Did the inability of UoW to read a Cygwin created file ever get explained?

See the long post I just sent out.

> And then, an interesting question.  Suppose we Cygwin users think we have
> identified a defect in UoW.  Do we notify the MS people?  Whom and how?  I
> guess I think we should, though I'm not happy about it.  (If they are wise,
> they will be lurking here, for exactly this reason...)

There may or may not be a defect in UoW in terms of UoW processes not having the
permissions they should have.  On the other hand, Cygwin is definitely creating
strange ACEs that make files it creates inaccessible to UoW.

John Cowan
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