Conflict between Cygwin 1.7 and Ubuntu for Windows 14316

Fri Apr 15 00:56:00 GMT 2016

Did the inability of UoW to read a Cygwin created file ever get explained?

Last I saw was from Evgeny Grin, which contained the iacls dumps.

What jumps out is that the non-Cyg files have X perms, the Cyg file does not. 
I assume others noticed that.  Of course, X perms should not be needed to read
the file.

Also, the perms shown by the UoW ls differ a lot from what the Cyg ls shows,
for the same file.  It would seem they are _interpreting_ Win perms as
different sets of Unix perms.

And the creat() operation may be _assigning_ the Win perms differently, too. 
Maybe differences handling umask values, or maybe different "effective" umask
values, somehow?  Yet somehow I doubt the umask is it; there could be lots of
underlying causes.

I am not a bit surprised things differ.  Who do we think is right, if either?

And then, an interesting question.  Suppose we Cygwin users think we have
identified a defect in UoW.  Do we notify the MS people?  Whom and how?  I
guess I think we should, though I'm not happy about it.  (If they are wise,
they will be lurking here, for exactly this reason...)

Really, I am just curious, no dog in any fight...

Karl Botts,

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