native Linux userland in Windows 10

John Cowan
Thu Apr 14 23:34:00 GMT 2016

Andrey Repin scripsit:

> Welcome, poor child of a big blue button. Let me introduce you into my world.
> The world, where file managers help you manage files.

"The Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans."  I live in a word of
command lines almost exclusively, unless I am running a Web browser.
Consequently, the underlying system can be Linux, BSD, OS X, Cygwin,
or none of the above.  When I want to see a diff, I type
"diff file1 file2 | less".

> Right now, I hit Alt+Shift+D, which invokes a short macro calling menu entry
> view:<? diff -x "CVS" -x ".svn" -I "\$Id.*\$" -I "\$Rev.*\$" -I "\$Date.*\$" -I "\$Author.*\$" -I "\$URL.*\$" -I "^Orbiting .*$" !?$UnixDiff$Options ((-c, -b etc.)):?! --strip-trailing-cr -- "!#!\!.!" "!^!\!.!"
> and get two files (or directories) on opposite panels diffed into an internal
> viewer. 

Very efficient, I'm sure.  But to each their own.

> Because Cygwin diff consume normal Windows paths without an issue.

No doubt.  But it also handles /cygdrive/c paths, the moral equivalent
of /mnt/c paths, and that's what I use.

John Cowan
And they pack their lyrics till they're so damn dense
You could put 'em in your yard and you could use 'em for a fence.
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